Terms and conditions


Our platform (apps) totally aims to provide infotainment related to any countries or languages. A large number of listeners or users or individuals are using our content. To use our platform or apps, the users are bound to follow certain rules and regulations. They are explained below. Please remember, the contents of our platforms are collected from different sources. The copyrights belong to respective authorities or content creators. In that case, we use the reference so that our users can grab some comprehensive ideas. Any misunderstanding of the information change should not be attributed to us. We simply provide the information after getting it from the sources of the respective country or authority. And we also try to get the updated information. So, if there are any disinformation, we are not to be liable for that. We are not providing any product. Rather, this a type of virtual service. So, we shall not ask for payments in any form. If someone asks so, please notify us by writing a couple of lines. We shall take legal measures against those who want to cash our free services. As we are not any real service provider, there are no issues with client verification. Anyone from any part of the world can use our platform or apps as long as they want. Though we collect some basic information about the users by default, we do not share them at all with anyone. So your privacy fully remains. Your browsing information is completely secured with us.